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Anti-bacterial Ingredients in Skincare

According to leading trend and consumer insight platforms; Mintel and WGSN, antibacterial, antiviral and immunity-boosting actives will be the new normal. Scientifically backed ingredients will help to boost consumer awareness, whilst long-standing and well-known actives such as tea tree, witch hazel, rosemary and lemon oil contain natural anti-bacterial properties, and will resonate the a post-Covid-19 BPC consumer.

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Anti-bacterial Brand & Sampling Solutions

Concerns around hygiene and the cleanliness of packaging has grown exponentially during the Coronavirus outbreak. Recent research from Packaging Europe found that over a third of the industry believes there will be a shift in consumer preference around packaging materials, and a reduction in enthusiasm for reusable packaging, which is key whilst we’re also exploring sustainability.

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Design Plus Sustainability Update

As a business we are seeking expert advice from our knowledgeable laminate suppliers and industry specialists to investigate all suitable sustainable options for our customers. Whilst we want to ensure moisture and odour resistance, printability, seal-ability and a visually pleasing aesthetic – we’re very optimistic that collaboratively we will develop a sustainable sachet solution to meet the demands of the end consumer. This blog looks at our recent activity and efforts to achieve a sustainable sachet solution.

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Design Plus Innovation Quarterly Round Up: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Industry

As part of our quarterly innovation strategy, Design Plus have been pulling together research and trend reports focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on the Health & Beauty Industry.

Each quarter we collate this data, bringing our customers an innovation deck packed full of facts and useful information. Following on from our blog post earlier this month, we’ll be providing you with an insight into the health and beauty industry following the Coronavirus pandemic; exploring the impact on both market trends and consumer trends.

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Design Plus Innovation Quarterly Round Up: Seasonal Gifting Opportunities

Back in February we introduced our quarterly innovation strategy pulling together present and future trends across the health and beauty industry. As part of this strategy, as a team we utilize the best research channels and tools to bring you an informative and educational innovation deck. As part of the second quarter, the focus is on seasonal items and Christmas gifting within health and beauty.

According to Mintel Christmas gifting for BPC surged by 10 percent from 2017 (57%) to 2019 (67%). But whilst gifting continues to increase, beauty gift sets saw a decline in 2019, which could be driven by consumer demand for individual gifts.

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Design Plus – A COVID secure business

​Following our update on 26th March, when we outlined some of the early steps we took during the COVID-19 crisis to protect our workforce, we have subsequently continued to develop our ways of working and can now publish our COVID secure risk assessment.

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