At Design Plus Health & Beauty we have impressive capabilities across the health and beauty sector but we can also help customers with more specific requirements or whose products are more niche. Our expert team are not limited to working with only healthcare packaging and beauty product design. We also have knowledge working with both automotive and household products.


Working with customers such as Autoglymm, filling automotive products such as screen wash and polish wipes, our expert team will be happy to discuss your automotive fill and packaging requirements. Design Plus Health & Beauty can cover all scope, including cleanse, wash and polish products within the automotive sector.


We’re confident that Design Plus Health & Beauty can help our customers to meet their project brief within the household sector. Our skilled team of chemists and technicians are experienced handling complex chemicals and liquids, allowing us to work with household formulas such as carpet cleaners, air freshners and other household cleaning products.

Our knowledgeable sales team are open to discussing all scopes of household projects, working to meet the customers standards and requirements.

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Our Accreditations

Design Plus Health & Beauty hold certifications against two internationally recognised quality management systems, the global benchmark in quality and integrity.

ISO 13485 Soil Association - Organic Standard RSPO - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

We’re part of Europe’s leading health and beauty providers.

Design Plus Health & Beauty is part of DCC Health & Beauty Solutions

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