The huge shift in behaviour and attitudes driven by the pandemic has reshaped the demands of consumers in just a few short months. The beauty industry has discovered a new role to play as brands are forced to adapt and reshape their product offerings to meet the post- Covid-trends of beauty and personal care.

On-the-go Essentials

Hand Sanitiser is now just as much of a handbag essential as lipstick one was, as consumer priorities shift significantly. These demands in particular are re-shaping consumers perceptions of must-have beauty and personal care products. Status sanitisers are making their debut by elevating fragrance and packaging designs. According to WGSN health and beauty brands should make sanitisers more pleasurable to use and aesthetically pleasing. Sanitisers that offer extra beauty benefits such as hydration, and stimulating collagen production will be a big hit with beauty consumers.

Boosting Beauty & Immunity

In the past we’ve explored the connection between beauty and wellness but following the pandemic we predict a bigger focus on the connection between beauty and immunity; looking good and being healthy. Supplements are currently booming with immune boosting products, but what’s next? Cleansing products which not only clean and protect the skin, but promote immunity. Two new products to the market; Nue Co’s Vitamin D Spray claims to activate the immune defenses, as does Fraya’s Immune System Boost shower gel range. Not only could this approach be replicated across other category’s such as hair, make up and skincare, brands could look to include apaptogenic ingredients also capturing mental health and wellness.

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Blue Light

Although some business are returning to normal, many people are still working from home and heavily relying on the use of digital platforms, video calls and virtual communications, making way for protective anti-pollution products. Blue light beauty can help protect the skin from harmful exposure to blue emitted light from screens helping to fight against premature skin-ageing.

Mask-ne Fighting Products

Mask acne is officially a ‘thing’. Skin conditions and breakouts are flaring up due to a shift in lifestyle and frequent mask wearing. Mask wearing is the new normal which creates a need for products to work with and alongside this. Not only will consumers look for products to tackle blemishes and acne, they’ll search for protective treatments to help prevent breakouts and mask-ne. Streamlining skincare regimes will be top priority for consumers. Not only due to cost restraints impacted by the recession making hybrid products or less products more appealing, but also to reduce products building up underneath masks. Multi-functional products saves money, time and the environment.

Products Offering Escapism

Make way for the ‘at home spa day’. People are retreating to the bathroom to indulge in spa-like rituals and treatments. Google Trends shows that searches for “at-home spa day” rose by a huge 900% worldwide in the last 90 days, and consumer interest is translating into product ranges. Going beyond just facial masks and treatments for the face and body, brands should explore beauty tools which are both effective and affordable for at home use. Think facial rollers, or Fraicheur’s Ice Globes.

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  • Explore hand sanitisers that offer extra beauty and personal care benefits for consumers. Consider the overall look and design
  • Consider immune boosting and apaptogenic ingredients in NPD.
  • Utilise the blue light beauty boom trend, helping to combat increased usage of screens and digital platforms.
  • ‘Mask-ne’ is a new consumer concern when it comes to skincare and wearing protective face coverings.
  • Consumers need an at-home escapism.