Sustainable Sachets

Sustainable Sachets

At Design Plus we’ve been working on our product offering and innovation in terms of sustainability. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with a material called 12.9.75. This is a non-recyclable material made up of 12µm PET / 9µm AL / 75gsm LLDPE and is fantastic for its barrier properties and therefor fit for purpose and our go-to material.

Sustainability is Key

Product quality and performance is extremely important to us in not only the health and beauty industry, but globally, and as a company we know that changes need to be made to ensure we’re making a conscious effort towards climate change and the environment. Whilst sachets are ideal for single-use and sampling purposes, we want to ensure that sachets are future-proof and that our customers can feel confident continuing to use this product format.

We are extremely excited to announce that at Design Plus, we have a readily available recycle ready PP ready for market use.

The Journey

Proactively over the last 12 months we’ve been working with a supplier to offer a lighter/thinner alternative material ensuring there is less environmental impact during its manufacture and transport. This material is 12µm PET / 8µm AL / 70gsm LLDPE and still upholds the same characteristics as the original 12.9.75, making it a more sustainable yet effective alternative.

Going Forward

The biggest challenge ahead is removing the aluminium layer and working towards PP and PE recycle-ready materials. Ensuring the recyclable alternative does not affect the product quality and performance is extremely important to us, which is why we’re working on getting as closer match to the characteristics of the 12/9/75 material as possible.

The recycle ready PP ready for market use is a material that can be recycled at the front of supermarkets along with carrier bags from January 2022.

We call this PP – 20.13.60 and the construction comprises 20OPP/13MetOPP/60PP. With thorough product and compatibility testing, the success rate we have seen with this material is unmatched, and we are confident that this is a suitable sustainable option for sachets and single use products.

Our venture continues as we are working on a number of additional recyclable material options which will be available for testing in November. These options are based on the above PP with improved barrier properties for the more invasive formulations.

Anti-bacterial varnish & sachet solutions

Smart sampling solutions are key for the anxious shopper following the pandemic, and this is becoming increasingly important to our customers. We’re pleased to work with expert suppliers who are ahead of the curve, meaning we can offer customers two anti-bacterial options for their sachet needs; starting with an antimicrobial additive applied to the laminate, or an anti-bacterial varnish to the packaging. Both of these solutions work to destroy or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

This strategy will be imperative across the health and beauty industry post-pandemic. By using an antimicrobial laminate or varnish, you can give your consumers peace of mind, that their health and beauty products will be safe to handle and will avoid the spread of germs. Not only will it improve consumer confidence in your brand, it will provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The integrity of our process ensures that we test every product for 12 weeks compatibility prior to production. This is no different to our standard testing procedure and while we’re seeing great success rates there may need to be a marginal compromise on shelf life to enable functionality. If you have any products which you would like us to arrange testing in the above material/s with our highly experienced industry experts, please do not hesitate to ask and we can schedule in with our laboratory team industry experts for sachet compatibility.

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