Sustainability Update 

Now more than ever, it’s important that we continue to focus on both sustainable and hygienic solutions for our customers. With Covid-19 and on-going fears around hygiene driving shoppers to a more sterile landscape, consumers are understandably concerned about cross-contamination from everyday items and the packaging they come in. Whilst there is an increasing pressure on the industry around sustainability and hygiene, at Design Plus we continue to work hard to adapt our product offering, ensuring the integrity of the packaged product remains intact.

Sustainable Trialling Activity 

Some of our ongoing efforts to find an effective sustainable resolution included:

  • Trailing a ‘recycle ready’ laminate; a material in which the aluminium layer is removed and the number of materials used within the structure of the laminate is reduced. During our testing, we unfortunately saw a weight loss between 3-5% which does not meet our standards.
  • Our team also experimented with a PE-LD laminate material; however, this caused a significant weight loss of 8-9%.

Whilst we are somewhat disappointed with the results, as a business we are seeking expert advice from our knowledgeable laminate suppliers and industry specialists to investigate all suitable sustainable options. Whilst we want to ensure moisture and odour resistance, printability, seal-ability and a visually pleasing aesthetic – we’re very optimistic that collaboratively we will develop a sustainable sachet solution to meet the demands of the end consumer.

We are thrilled with the team’s continuous efforts as we strive to succeed. Over the next coming weeks, we’ll be trialling some material options that uses less material and energy to manufacture, but has the same effective barrier properties. Alternatively, we’ll be exploring the option to use a High Barrier PP – offering a PP based material. This eliminates aluminium making it a recycle ready alternative.  

It's forecast that over a third of the industry believes there will be a shift in consumer preference around packaging materials, and a reduction in enthusiasm for reusable packaging due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which is key whilst we’re exploring sustainability. We're really interested to understand what our customers and partners think? Will the demand for sustainability shift? Have you already seen a change in your industry?

Regardless of the answer, it is our mission as a leading sachet manufacturer to stay at the forefront and adapt to the challenges we face ahead. 

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