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Our Ongoing Partnership with Enkos Developments to Offer Bespoke Beauty Solutions

As part of our full-service manufacturing solution, Design Plus regularly partners with market-leading Enkos Bespoke Beauty Solutions. Enkos boasts a highly skilled, specialist team which allows us to collaboratively offer bespoke formulation development and innovation to our full-service customers. Enkos shares our vision to help brands grow and succeed, offering a service that brings creative ideas to life.

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Design Plus at Cosmetics Business Live 2021

Design Plus will be exhibiting at Cosmetics Business Live 2021 from 10th-14th May. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s event is a virtual edition and will provide an online platform for brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of the Beauty Industry.

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Design Plus Creates a Safe Workplace post-Covid.

Although returning to an office environment or workplace appeared to have a mixed response from the general public, the team at Design Plus were keen to return to some sort of normality. We were very fortunate that we were one of the few companies and industries that could safely remain open throughout the height of the pandemic, with only a select few individuals working from home, or splitting their time between the home and the office. We're pleased to announce that after a few long and hard months, all employees have resumed to their normal place of work, and feedback generally suggests that employees are happy and feel safe despite the ongoing uncertain circumstances.

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Design Plus Sustainability Update

As a business we are seeking expert advice from our knowledgeable laminate suppliers and industry specialists to investigate all suitable sustainable options for our customers. Whilst we want to ensure moisture and odour resistance, printability, seal-ability and a visually pleasing aesthetic – we’re very optimistic that collaboratively we will develop a sustainable sachet solution to meet the demands of the end consumer. This blog looks at our recent activity and efforts to achieve a sustainable sachet solution.

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Sachet sampling in a post-Covid-19 world

What is the new normal? In a post-Coronavirus world, how will the health and beauty industry change, and what can Design Plus do as a company to adapt?

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DCC Healthcare announces the acquisition of Amerilab Technologies

DCC plc, the leading international sales, marketing and support services group, announces that DCC Health & Beauty Solutions has acquired Amerilab Technologies, Inc ('Amerilab'), a specialist provider of contract manufacturing and related services in effervescent nutritional products, based near Minneapolis, in Plymouth, Minnesota. The acquisition of Amerilab is DCC Health & Beauty Solutions' third acquisition in the US market, following the acquisition of Ion Labs in November 2019 and Elite One Source in February 2018. It is a further significant step in the execution of the strategy to build a business of scale in the world's largest health supplements and nutritional products market.

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