RSPO Certified

Design Plus Health and Beauty is proud to be RSPO certified. As part of Laleham Health and Beauty, all 3 sites across the group are fully RSPO certified and can support customers across the business who wish to support RSPO and use sustainable palm oil raw materials.

How does RSPO Help?

RSPO are a global non-profit organisation focused on bringing together stakeholders across the palm oil supply chain, to develop and implement global standards for producing and sourcing sustainable palm oil.

Founded in 2004, the organisation has developed a set of environmental and social criteria that businesses must comply with to be RSPO certified. These specific measures help minimise the negative impact of the production of palm oil on the local environment, wildlife, and communities.

According to the organisation’s website, when palm oil is grown sustainably, it’s a force for good. Palm oil is the world’s most versatile vegetable oil as it has a much higher yield than any other vegetable oil plant, requiring 4- 10 times LESS land to get the same amount of oil. Because it’s so efficient, palm oil is more attractive to producers. However, when palm oil is grown unsustainably the production can be destructive and damaging, which has led to an abundance of negative press and association in the past, and even calls to boycott palm oil. When produced irresponsibly, forests have been cleared or damaged to grow palm oil affecting both wildlife and local communities.

That’s why the RSPO have put the emphasis on ‘sustainable’. Sustainable palm oil has been farmed, processed, distributed and sold responsibly with strict criteria in place that protects animals, the local environment, and the people who live and work in palm oil-producing countries. Their aim is to make sustainable palm oil the norm.

How can we support you on your journey to sourcing sustainable Palm Oil?

As an RSPO-certified business, Design Plus Health and Beauty can support customers who wish to source and track certified sustainable palm oil materials for their products and those who wish to display the RSPO logo on pack.

If you’d like to discuss further with one of account managers on how we can support you on your journey to sourcing sustainable palm oil or transforming your products to meet the certified RSPO criteria, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact form below. 

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