At Design Plus, we operate based on four core values: partnership, integrity, excellence and safety. Excellence relates to our outstanding level of customer service which is at the heart of what we do. We strive to work collaboratively with our customers, partners and other stakeholders to ensure we are transparent and communicative throughout any projects. Our friendly and approachable teams are on hand to answer any queries and offer guidance as required. Through our range of services, we’re here to support you.

Full service manufacture

Grow with us and make your brand a success through our full service manufacture offering, which is often a more cost-effective solution providing a better return on investment. The entire process is managed from concept to delivery by a dedicated representative who is the main point of contact throughout the project. They will offer bespoke recommendations and guidance during each stage, ensuring we are on track and fulfilling your requirements. This includes product formulation, packaging and product requirements, regulatory support, sampling, product testing, agreed timings, product blending and manufacture, quality sign off and dispatch of finished goods. Watch a video on our customer journey here.

Sachet filling

We have several sachet filling solutions to suit your needs. With a multitude of different sachet filling machines, we have the capability to create any shape or size sachet that’s required, ranging from a 0.5g fill up to 100g +. Our expert sales team can offer advice on the best options for your product, bearing both practicality and cost in mind.

Bottle & tube filling

Our expert team works with you to understand your needs to explore the best options in terms of bottle & tube filling, including whether labelled or printed bottles/tubes work best for your brand. We source bottles and tubes in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes from our trusted network of industry suppliers, ensuring costs are kept low without compromise on quality.

Private label & own brand

For this bespoke service, we have expert teams to support your brand development with high quality formulations from a wide selection of innovative blends, packaging designs and specifications to your requirements. As each brand is unique, you will receive tailored support depending on the project, working collaboratively through the process to bring your brand to life. At Design Plus, we are proud brand owners, so understand what is required to get the foundations right from the start when building a successful brand. We launched Que Bella Beauty (a cosmetic face mask brand) in Target in the US in 2011 and it is now worth $30 million at retail.

So if you're in search of someone to take away the stress and pressures of the various stages of product development and manufacture, or if you're thinking of launching your own brand, come and talk to us to discuss how we can help.