Our Design Plus colleagues share their working from home environment & top tips!

Over the past few weeks, whilst a lot has changed for many of us, at Design Plus, we're doing everything we can to keep spirits high and remain positive. On LinkedIn we've been sharing our top tips whilst working from home. 

Understandably, everyone's situation is different whether you're surrounded by children, pets, or maybe you're one of the lucky ones and you actually get some peace and quiet. This blog is just a bit of fun to help you get to know our dedicated employees working from home throughout these unprecedented and challenging times. 

1. Carly our Brand Manager, has been splitting her time between the office and working from home, some of the perks include working in your dressing gown. She also hired herself a little assistant. 

'Keep your assistant topped up with bananas and this will buy you some time...'

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2. Steph our Marketing Manager, has been isolating at home for 6 weeks now where her hallway has been transformed in to her new office. She advises frequent puppy cuddles and dog walks on her lunch break are keeping her sane. 

'Get yourself a 4 legged assistant, they don't answer back...'

Steph 3 

3. One of our favourites; 'working from home, whilst my son is working on his road'. Helen our Laboratory and Formulations Manager has certainly mastered the art of multi-tasking. 

'Get dressed ready for work, find a routine. If you're fed up, take a break, make a brew, hang the washing out...'


4. Sarah is our Key Account Manager at Design Plus. She's juggling work and home life by keeping fully stocked up on coffee!

'Don't run out of coffee!!'

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5. Now let's not forget our colleagues who are still going in to the office on a daily basis, but maintaining their social distancing rules! Our amazing lab team are keeping positive by masking (whilst also staying 2 meters apart) with our own brand, Que Bella formulated and manufactured on site.

'Keep calm and do a face mask...'

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6. Robin, the Commercial Director is also sharing his time between the office and home. Whilst' he's at home he's also being, dad and teacher. His top tip is to set up your work station close to the fridge for a ready supply of silencing snacks. 


Do you have any top tips for working from home to share with us. We'd love to hear them. Let's keep sharing the positivity and focus on our mental well-being.