At Design Plus we are conscious of staying proactive in our research and efforts to become a more environmentally friendly business and expand our product offering. We are constantly researching the latest innovations in terms of eco-friendly product solutions, and as a business, we are continuously working with our long-standing suppliers and expert partners, to investigate new and innovative solutions. Whilst offering a sustainable solution for single-use sachets has its challenges, including offering a suitable solution for invasive formulations, we are extremely excited to announce we can now offer a recyclable PP material that caters to a range of product formats.


Following a series of thorough product and compatibility testing, we were pleased to launch our new recyclable offering at the end of 2021. Alongside our sustainable options for bottles, tubes and jars, we can now provide solutions for single-use products and sachets. The PP Material construction is 20OPP/13MetOPP/60PP and in comparison, the PP is 50% lighter than our current 12/9/12/75 laminate. 

Some of the key benefits of the laminate include:

  • The downgauged material offers weight saving per impression, meaning the PP laminate is 50% of the weight of the 12/9/12/75 construction for example
  • When recycled, the material offers a 62% reduction in carbon footprint in comparison to 12/9/12/75
  • No compromise on quality due to its excellent printing capability
  • The versatility of the PP material allows the use of several product types including certain powder, food products and cosmetic product formats (ingredient depending)
  • The material can now be recycled at store-font based on the latest OPRL guidelines and is recognised as recyclable across the EU with counties now recycling this curbside

Overall, the benefits of this material provide an excellent solution to offer sustainable packaging for single-use sachets, offering sufficient barrier properties for more invasive formulations. It can now be recycled at the front of supermarkets along with carrier bags, making it easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner. If you would like to discuss our recyclable materials and sustainable packaging options as part of your sustainability strategy, please get in touch and speak with a member of our expert sales team.