At Design Plus, we consistently review the latest trends and innovative ingredients in the marketplace. Our team of experts trawl through copious trend reports, articles, and consumer research, whilst our laboratory team attends exhibitions, workshops, and supplier meetings to gather the best the market has to offer.

Whilst our efforts are ongoing, each year we bring you an annual report and roundup of the key emerging trends, for the health and beauty sector. In this trend report we’ll cover the basics of the 3 key trends below, but please reach out to our sales team for a full breakdown and more in-depth presentation.

  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Neurocosmetics
  • Ultimate Efficacy

Skin Sensitivity

You may have already noticed a huge shift in the marketplace with a rise in skin sensitivity claims, alongside ingredients with healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. A rising number of consumers are being affected by skin sensitives due to modern stressors and the misuse of super-strength products, infact sensitive skin is emerging as one of the most common skincare concerns with 71% of adults claiming to have sensitive skin. From slugging to microbiome, consumers are looking for gentler skincare solutions that protect the skin's barrier. Microbiome continues to be one of the biggest growth opportunities within the beauty and personal care category, with acne care moving away from harsh ingredients and instead utilising bacteria-balancing formulations instead.

What is Microbiome? 
Microbiome means a beneficial ecosystem of microorganisms living in the human body.

Skin barrier 3 


Neurocosmetics is the connection between skin and mental health. In 2024, consumers will understand that the skin is a fluid state continuously affected by emotions, hormones, lifestyle, and external aggressors, and products that support the skin's fluctuating needs will be highly sought after.

Skincare rituals largely shape consumer experiences with a brand or product, and new routines will continue to pave the way in the beauty space. Sleep-efficient solutions as an example have become increasingly popular, prioritising wellness and productivity appealing to stress-fuelled audiences.

Hormonal health conversations will continue to rise in 2024, with previously taboo topics ushering in a new era of hormonal skin needs including puberty, menstruation, and menopause. Skincare solutions that cater to the consumer throughout these life-changing events, considering fluctuating hormones and the impact on the skin will win over the skintentional consumer.

This new conversation within health and beauty categories embraces unsexy beauty with increased TikTok views for #bodyhairpositivity and de-influencing gaining momentum.


Instead, consumers are seeking out expert advice and brands they can trust with scientifically backed facts and claims. Unrealistic beauty standards have certainly started to shift with pushback against ‘youth’ being heralded as the pinnacle of beauty ideals. Brands should embrace the aging process with pro-aging claims and terminology.

Ultimate Efficacy

It’s no secret that since Covid and the global pandemic, consumer trust has shifted to well-researched and recognised key ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and AHA’s. Science-backed ingredients and formulations with established histories of clinical trials and evidence will continue to reign as consumers demand brand transparency and honesty. The evolution of beauty from an art to a science has triggered an emerging era of new professional influencers whereby brands are enlisting the help of dermatologists and medical skincare professionals, relating to the de-influencing trend. 

As transparency is a key driver of the ultimate efficacy trend, spotlighting formula potency on the pack or in marketing will help products stand out in an established category. In fact, 51% of skincare users in the US say that a product with proven efficacy is a top priority when shopping for skincare.

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This is just a snippet of the 2024 trend research we’ve gathered using the tools and resources available within our network, but we continue to build on this continuously to ensure the products that we manufacture and develop are of the best possible standard but also resonate with the end consumer. Please reach out to our sales team for a full breakdown and more in-depth presentation or for any samples from our on-site formulation and development team.