Bespoke Shaped Sachets For A Global Nutritional Brand

In May 2019, Design Plus were approached by a health-focused brand with the desire to produce vitamin supplements in a bespoke shaped sachet. We collaborated with the brand, and helped design and source the tooling required to achieve the desired sachet shape.

Facing Challenges

Given the Covid-19 outbreak, the timings for this particular project were appropriate, nonetheless, it did provide some challenges. As the demand for supply was so high during the pandemic, the brand experienced some logistical issues with shipping and sourcing the bulk, which in turn affected our production plan. Design Plus worked closely with the customer, planning in production based on the bulk availability.

Increased Output

Following the first production run in February 2020, within the first year Design Plus produced 4.6million sachets of one variant, for the brand. Due to the climate and the brands huge success, in the second year we produced 6.5m sachets across 7 variants and together our partnership continues to grow. 

Long-standing Partnership

As a result, Design Plus have since invested in additional tooling to increase output. As we enter our third year, the brand is rolling out 4 additional variants, and we’re excited to continue this long-standing partnership across nutritional health supplements. 

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